Elements of Chaos

The Story So Far

The adventure begins.

11 Eleasis 1479 DR

Within a caravan traveling the road to Loudwater, Pais Paril (half-elven bard) and Darius (human sorceror) find themselves plodding along side by side. Despite it being midsummer, the weather starts to take a turn for the worse. The wind picks up as the temperature drops, and snow begins to fall. Soon, the adventurers find themselves in the middle of a blizzard… with no idea where the rest of the caravan is. Issuing a prayer to Tymora, Goddess of Luck, the pair almost literally stumble over two dwarves also adrift in the storm. Aztryd Earthshaker (Warden) and Balthen Stonemight (Avenger/Invoker), sent to this area by the Circle of Summer Shield, join forces with Pais and Darius. The party determines which direction the source of the unnatural (fey-touched?) weather seems to be, and sets off that way.

Surviving the blizzard, the storm-battered party sees the vague outline of a tower in the distance. Knowing the weather could take a turn for the worse at any moment, and with no other shelter in sight, they make for the tower. Coming around a hill, the adventurers stumble across a band of goblins who have apparently been changed by the unnatural energies and now seem unaffected by the cold. The party manages to eliminate all the frost goblins, with Pais mocking the final two escaping gobbos to death.

Licking their wounds, the heroes continue on to the base of the tower… A stone pillar of demons and devils rising out of the ground, grasping and clawing, wings spread, mouths open in either hideous shrieks of pain of cries of joyous exultation. The entire structure is frozen beneath a foot or more of ice.

The party approaches the lone door from one side, following a slick cobblestone path lined with squatting, toad-like demon statues. From the other side wanders another survivor of the blizzard, a Rrzorclaw shifter druid named Wishaste. They all agree to seek shelter within the tower and turn their attentions to the ice-covered door. Aztryd and Balthen smash the ice away, baring the pair of metallic doors. Wishaste leans in to listen at the door, and when he touches the structure the tower guardians stir to life.

One of the devils carved above the door breaks free of the ice, wings slowly flapping. Four of the toad statues also shake off their frozen coverings, and all five constructs attack. Aztryd draws the attention of most of the toad demons, keeping them occupied as the group beats them down, and a dazed Darius still manages to finish off the flying homunculus.

The victorious party open the door and enter the frozen tower, getting a break from the wind and snow if not the chilling temperatures. Exploring the ground floor, they find everything covered by a rime of ice. Tables, chairs, bookcases… Darius attempts to read one of the tomes and manages to tear the binding from the frozen book. Aztryd pokes her axe at one of the fireplaces, finding the solid blue flames make lovely ‘tink tink’ noises.

As the adventurers spread through the first three rooms, Wishaste peers up to the balcony of the atrium to see a translucent, featureless warrior of ice, who roars and brandishes his weapon, heading towards the stairs to engage the party…

XP: 445
Treasure: 50gp, +1 rod of reaving, 2 potions of healing


silcrist anonynos

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