Elements of Chaos

Clearing the Tower

11 Eleasis 1479 DR to 12 Eleasis 1479 DR

Icy beings attack our heroes! One descends the stairs, swinging a maul of ice, while another peers over the railing from the second floor, hurling icicles at the party. After the fight commences, strange flashes of light come from the frozen flames in the fireplaces signaling the appearance of more icy warriors that move to close in on the party’s flanks. As the heroes fell their foes, Aztryd climbs the stairs, skipping back down as she sees three more sturdy ice creatures.

The Story So Far
The adventure begins.

11 Eleasis 1479 DR

Within a caravan traveling the road to Loudwater, Pais Paril (half-elven bard) and Darius (human sorceror) find themselves plodding along side by side. Despite it being midsummer, the weather starts to take a turn for the worse. The wind picks up as the temperature drops, and snow begins to fall. Soon, the adventurers find themselves in the middle of a blizzard… with no idea where the rest of the caravan is. Issuing a prayer to Tymora, Goddess of Luck, the pair almost literally stumble over two dwarves also adrift in the storm. Aztryd Earthshaker (Warden) and Balthen Stonemight (Avenger/Invoker), sent to this area by the Circle of Summer Shield, join forces with Pais and Darius. The party determines which direction the source of the unnatural (fey-touched?) weather seems to be, and sets off that way.


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